These fantastically well built bikes have taken the USA by storm and the first batch to hit the UK sold out in days. We work with the two official UK importers and have secured all of the latest stocks which include the new Upside down DNM Front forks and the uprated Panasonic 60V Battery. We have all 4 colours available for order, please read down for information on our collection locations. If this is inconvenient then we can deliver straight to your door step! 



The all new 60V Panasonic Battery lasts for around 2 hours 30 minutes under normal riding. From fully discharged, the bike can take up too 3 and half hours to recharge. The Battery is rated at 500 charge life, so an average of recharge usage, the life should be around 8 years. Spare batteries are available to purchase with the bike or anytime from us.



There are two versions of the SUR-RON LBX. The road legal version, which is the same as a moped all normal By-Laws apply and the pure Off Road version which you can see in the picture above. The Off road version can be ridden on far more places than a petrol crosser mainly due to the silent running and we have found over 30 Mountain bike courses that have welcomed us.



The main question that seems to be frequently asked is "but they are small, can they really perform that well off-road?" As most people know, when it comes to off-road, small versatile and plenty of torque = incredible results. Imagine the SUR-RON as a high spec mountain bike with a 125cc engine and you get the picture.